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Choriocarcinoma- I don't have time to die!

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Chemobrain PCCI

Post-chemotherapy Cognitive Impairment 


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I AM TITANIUM, BULLETPROOF! This is NOT the story of how I beat Cancer, Brain Injury, Blindness, etc.. THIS IS the story of how I went from Diabetes TYPE 2 with an A1C of 8.8 to NON-DIABETIC with an A1C of 5.6 in less than 1 year. With the help of Dr. Atkins carb counting, God, my family, and CBD Cannabidiol. The Former is here also on this page In July of 2016, I was diagnosed as Diabetes Type 2 with an A1C of 8.8. It amazed me that it was not caught earlier since both of my parents were Diabetic Type 2 and I knew it was a case of when NOT IF it would happen to me for that reason so I would have the sugar in my blood checked every year sometimes every other year because the Doctor would not believe it was a consideration. The first thing I did was DIET. I quit eating bread, sugar, drinking wine and beer, I quit drinking Diet Soda cause even that triggered my sugar to SPIKE. I was counting my carbs and I discovered that I could not consume less than 50 carbs per day because if I did my morning blood sugar test would SPIKE. You see when you consume too few carbs your liver releases glycogen in the night because it is afraid you are not going to have enough energy to make it through the night. STUPID LIVER I had lost 30 pounds but I could still not get my fasting blood glucose below 135. I read about CBD and all the things it could do for me. It is a PROVEN anti-anxiety. It is an anti-inflammatory. It has CURED childhood epilepsy! THIS WOULD HOPEFULLY ELIMINATE THE PAIN I HAD IN MY KNEES SINCE I DID CHEMOTHERAPY as the drugs that saved my life destroyed the cartilage in my knees, creating Arthritis SO BAD IT MADE ME CRY when I went up or downstairs. It would regulate my blood sugar and also my Blood Pressure which had been medicated since 1995 after Cancer caused a stroke; it attempted to metastasize to my brain. The resulting hemorrhages caused brain injury that has left my vision decreased by 60 percent. We feel the correct term is vision impaired not blind since I can see, just not above my head, below my waste, or in a large blind spot to my right. I have a service dog Harold WHO RESCUES ME EACH AND EVERY DAY! I did 2 consecutive regimens of chemotherapy, a cocktail called EMACO, which the other choriocarcinoma survivors and I call ELMO. I was once asked by a nurse in the Cancer ward if I had any idea how toxic the drugs they were putting in my veins were. I told her THE TOXIC WASTE DISPOSAL CANS in the corner of the room where they disposed of everything that had touched the chemo gloves, needles, tubes, towels and rags that were used to wipe spills etc. everything but ME. She laughed, once the IV was attached incorrectly and the chemicals spurted out all over the sheets and my hospital gown, they left FLUORESCENT ORANGE stains on the material. The stains they made on my skin were gone in a few days as you have 7 layers of skin and shed one each day. The Chorio girls (I often refer to them as the girls) call this orange chemo KRYPTONITE. I DIGRESS, ANYWAY CBD Is a proven anti-anxiety. Is proven that it amplifies Blood Pressure Medicine and makes it stronge. Has cured Childhood Epislepsy as it has an anti-seizure ability. ( I took anti-seizure meds for 10 years after the stroke in 1994, this will ease my mind as it has a side effect if you will of preventing seizure) It lowers blood glucose It is an anti-inflamatory and STOPS PAIN! IF CBD DID HALF OF WHAT I READ IT WOULD DO I WOULD BE GOLDEN! SO I TOOK THE FIRST STEP AND PURCHASED IT FROM HEMPWORX IN NEVADA. I WAS TOLD by a friend who sells CBD wholesale and is also VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE on the subject that the purity of the product I use and itís strength is perhaps the reason I have had such powerful results. THIS IS THE MAJOR REASON I URGE ANYONE WHO IS CONSIDERING CBD TO GET IT FROM WHERE I GET IT. I USE 750ML, I take 20 drops subcutaneously under my tongue each morning. GET IT HERE: The first thing that made me feel confident is they had a 100% money back guarantee. I suggest the peppermint flavor, the natural flavor tastes like plants.