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Choriocarcinoma- I don't have time to die!

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Chemobrain PCCI

Post-chemotherapy Cognitive Impairment 


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On November 4th, 1994, I was on an overnight with some co-workers. I have been told, since I do not remember about 2 months of this time, that they were having a difficult time awakening me. After calling my husband and explaining the situation they did as he demanded and called 911 immediately. I was then rushed to Trumbull county hospital, next to the Ohio-Pennsylvania border. Since they had no concept of why a 31-year-old woman would be in a coma and un-responsive, they proceeded to treat me for a drug overdose in ICU.  I have been told that they are very lucky they didn't kill me with the things they did, wash my stomach out with charcoal, etc.   My husband got to Trumbull hospital as fast as he could, I am sure this terrified him. I cannot imagine what it would be like for someone to tell me he is dying, and not have anything I could do about it. He tells me that, that is not exactly what was going through his mind, he had his brother go with him, and that by the time they arrived they had decided what had happened and why and had all of the problems worked out and solved, THEN THEY FOUND OUT HOW WRONG THEY WERE.

The Hospital and doctors had not as yet figured out what was wrong with me. Although I believe they had suspected that I had had a stroke, although they did not know why. The results from the previous over-dose treatments proved Overdose not to be the cause.

The following day I was sent via life-flight to University Hospital in Cleveland, which is where we live. e.   Mike, my husband said every test in existence was run on me. He speaks of a day in the hospital when they were performing test after test, and I was so tired he carried me. They still had not figured out why a 31-year old woman would have a stroke. A Magnetic Resonance Image or MRI revealed a brain bleed, which was immediately relieved through neurosurgery or craniotomy.   My neurologist, Dr. Bashar Katirji, was initially responsible for saving my life.  He brought in Dr. Peter Rose, the OBGYN Oncologist who successfully defeated the Choriocarcinoma, My sister (Doctor Nancy, as I refer to her)  revealed that a week prior I had suspected that I may be pregnant, with the informatio she gave them, and the information they had they discovered choriocarcinoma, although they never found any trophoblastic tissue i.e. tumor, I am told.

They were aware that Choriocarcinoma is curable through chemo but were unwilling to shut down my immune system immediately after receiving neurosurgery. Four days later, I am told that although I recognized everyone the day prior,  I no longer did, and was incoherent.  After urging by my husband and sisters, another MRI was performed.   I had hemorhaged again, upon repeating the Craniotomy they discovered that my skull had already healed from the previous surgery.  They now knew that chemo could be started 4 days after surgery. I am told that I began to show improvement the moment the chemo was started.

My sisters tell me that I was coherent then, and remembered everyone’s names etc. I showed improvement medically and was released from University Hospital, and admitted to Metro Generals in-patient therapy unit. Where I remember living until the middle of January 1995, when they allowed me to go home. I proceeded with outpatient therapy for approximately 6 months.
After being discharged from Metro, my blood H C G level rose,  causing myself and Dr Rose to believe the GTD was again active in my body.  I began my second regimen of chemo. Three quarters of the way  through the regimen Dr Rose discovered that the hormonal rise could have been caused by something he called "the hormonal surge".  We finished the regimen anyhow and my HCG level returned to 0 and stayed there.

About this time,my sister Carolyn came to visit from Cincinnati, I don't remember what the reason why was but she asked me to read to her aloud from her book.  I did so, she responded with, "You are reading on approximately the 3-4th grade level! Call SS, refer yourself to the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, they will retrain you so that you may enter the work force again." I did so. 

My schooling was finished in March of 2000. I was trained to design web pages, as you can tell. I went to work with an independent company, DOUBLE INFINITY.

I attribute a lot of my survival to the training I received while a Mary Kay consultant and Director.  I was trained to have a positive attitude.  A friend told me after they found out it was Cancer that being in the medical field she knew that attitude was everything and if anyone could beat it it was me.

I created this page, because when I had to go and do my second regimen of chemo I was TERRIFIED. I could not think of anyone that I knew who had beaten the BIG C. I am writing this so someone somewhere will be less afraid. God, My husband, and myself kicked its butt!  About 2 years ago, I was at a cousins wedding, and saw a cousin's wife, who hae successfully beaten leukemia,  I thought, "At the time, I had completely forgotten about Linda."  I mentioned this to her and she said, "I wish you had remembered me I would have talked to you!"  Linda just think about it as if you did, I am sure you would have made a tremendous difference!

Good News or bad news depending on how we look at it, I am unable to work an 8 hour day because of problems that are left from the tbi and the chemobrain. Therefore I am considered to be disabled by the United States SS Department